Gotta Get Back - Shelby Lynne Lyrics

Shelby Lynne CHORDS

Gotta Get Back

I can almost touch you now
flying above the clouds
in a big ol' plane
I can't wait to hold you and see you again
tell you where I've been

I can almost kiss you now
when I close my eyes I feel your
lips on mine
it's so hard to fight what I
feel inside, for you

Gotta get back do I do
Gotta get back do I do I do
Gotta get back do I do
Butterflies take control me
why's this airplane go so slowly
Flutter faster take me home to you

I can almost see you now
is my imagination foolin' me somehow
flying through the lining of a silver cloud
I'm gettin' closer now

I can almost hear you now
oooh saying you love me
like you know how
I wish this plane would just reach down and
touch the ground
I swear I see you now