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Leavin' lyrics - Shelby Lynne

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Well I guess this is it babe
reality has hit home hard
no need in puttin' it off anymore
just turn away and let me walk
out the door

You thought you had it all figured out
but baby, you don't know what love's about
It's time for me to spend some time alone
I'm tired of trying to make
this your happy home

(Hurts) I'm leavin'
(Sad) This time it's for good
You should have treated me
the way you said you would
(Hurts) I'm leavin'
(Sad) And you can't make me stay
I'm tired of hurtin' you
this ain't no good anyway
I'm leavin'

I know it's gonna be hard on ya
once it really hits you that I'm gone
I spent too much time
trying to make things right
when I really knew all along
you'll be O.K. in time baby
but it won't be today
as you walk around and
try to find yourself
take a look at the bed you made

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Lynne Shelby Chords
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