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I Never Liked St. Valentine lyrics - Kelly Reckless

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St. Cecilia, she been good to me
she always help me find the melody
and old St. Francis, man he's the best
helped me get some things off my chest

(Chorus 1)
But I never liked St. Valentine
I never liked St. Valentine
never liked St. Valentine
he's breakin hearts all over town

St. Patrick, he has his own day to
'cept on his day you can go get drunk and nobody will get mad at you
you dont have to be Irish
you dont even have to know what it's all about
you can spend the night alone and you won't feel left out

(Chorus 1)

If you perform two perfect miracles, you'r still just a regular guy
Perform one more, and you're a saint

St.Christopher, i don't even think hes a saint anymore
Jolly old St. Nick, look it up, he used to run around with w***es
some saints aint that saintly, and thats fine
atleast they don't come around one time a year to remind me I don't have a

(Chorus 2)

I don't have a valentine
I don't have a valentine
and I never liked st. valentine
breakin heart's all over town

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