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Kelly Reckless lyrics

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Kelly Reckless Lyrics

Kelly Reckless Chords

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Album Lyrics: American Jackpot / American Girls [2020]

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Reckless Kelly
"American Jackpot / American Girls" [2020]

  1. North American Jackpot
  2. Thinkin' 'Bout You All Night
  3. Tom Was A Friend Of Mine
  4. 42
  5. Mona
  6. Another New Year's Day
  7. Grandpa Was A Jack Of All Trades
  8. Put On Your Brave Face Mary
  9. Company Of Kings
  10. Goodbye Colorado
  11. I Only See You With My Eyes Closed
  12. American Girls
  13. All Over Again (Break Up Blues)
  14. Miss Marissa
  15. Lonesome On My Own
  16. Anyplace That's Wild
  17. Lost Inside The Groove
  18. No Dancing In Bristol
  19. Don't Give Up On Love
  20. My Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Album Lyrics: Sunset Motel [2016]

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Reckless Kelly
"Sunset Motel" [2016]

  1. How Can You Love Him (You Don't Even Like Him)
  2. Radio
  3. Buckaroo
  4. Sunset Motel
  5. The Champ
  6. One More One Last Time
  7. Forever Today
  8. Volcano
  9. Give It Up
  10. Who's Gonna Be Your Baby Now
  11. Moment in the Sun
  12. Sad Songs About You
  13. Under Lucky Stars

Album Lyrics: Long Night Moon [2013]

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Reckless Kelly
"Long Night Moon" [2013]

  1. Long Night Moon
  2. Real Cool Hand
  3. Irish Goodbye
  4. Every Step of the Way
  5. Be My Friend (In Real Life)
  6. The Girl I Knew
  7. I Can't Stand It
  8. The Last Goodbye
  9. Didn't Mean to Break Your Heart
  10. The Only Home I've Ever Known
  11. Long Night Moon (Reprise)
  12. Idaho

Album Lyrics: Good Luck & True Love [2011]

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Reckless Kelly
"Good Luck & True Love" [2011]

  1. Give It A Try
  2. Save Me From Myself
  3. Guarded Heart
  4. She Likes Money, He Likes Love
  5. I Never Liked St. Valentine
  6. Weatherbeaten Soul
  7. Good Luck & True Love
  8. I Stayed Up All Night Again
  9. New Moon Over Nashville
  10. Hit The Ground Runnin'

Album Lyrics: Somewhere in Time [2010]

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Reckless Kelly
"Somewhere in Time" [2010]

  1. Little Blossom
  2. The Ballad of Elano De Leon
  3. Bird On A Wire
  4. I've Done Everything I Could Do Wrong
  5. Some People's Kids
  6. I'll Hold The Bottle
  7. Best Forever Yet
  8. Idaho Cowboy
  9. Pure Quill
  10. You Cared Enough To Lie
  11. Thelma
  12. Somewhere In Time
  13. Pickin' Up Cans
  14. Pinto Bennet She Wrote

Album Lyrics: Bulletproof [2008]

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Reckless Kelly
"Bulletproof" [2008]

  1. Ragged As The Road
  2. You Don't Have To Stay Forever
  3. Love In Her Eyes
  4. Passin' Through
  5. Never Had A Chance
  6. One False Move
  7. A Guy Like Me
  8. American Blood
  9. How Was California?
  10. Mirage
  11. Don't Say Goodbye
  12. God Forsaken Town
  13. Wandering Eye
  14. Bulletproof

Album Lyrics: Reckless Kelly Was Here [2006]

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Reckless Kelly
"Reckless Kelly Was Here" [2006]

  1. Sixgun
  2. Castanets
  3. Motel Cowboy Show
  4. I Still Do
  5. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
  6. Seven Nights In Eire
  7. Break My Heart Tonight
  8. Nobody's Girl
  9. He Say May/Guacamole
  10. Vancouver
  11. Wiggles & Ritalin
  12. Wild Western Windblown Band
  13. Baby's Gone Blues
  14. Wicked Twisted Road
  15. Crazy Eddies' Last Hurrah
  16. Revolution
  17. Break My Heart Tonight (Studio Version)
  18. Wiggles & Ritalin (Studio Version)

Album Lyrics: Wicked Twisted Road [2005]

Buy Wicked Twisted Road CD
Reckless Kelly
"Wicked Twisted Road" [2005]

  1. Wicked Twisted Road
  2. Dogtown
  3. Seven Nights in Eire
  4. A Lot To Ask
  5. Motel Cowboy Show
  6. These Tears
  7. Sixgun
  8. Nobody Haunts Me Like You
  9. Wretched Again
  10. Broken Heart
  11. Stick Around
  12. Baby's Got a Whole Lot More
  13. Wicked Twisted Road (Reprise)

Album Lyrics: Other Songs []

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Reckless Kelly
"Other Songs" []

  1. May Peace Find You Tonight
  2. She sang the Red River Valley
  3. Drink Your Whiskey Down
  4. Snowfall
  5. I Stayed Up All Night Again

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