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Radio lyrics - Kelly Reckless

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Come all you young lads with your trucker chin fads
And your hair just beginnin' to grow
But you gotta good look and that's all it took
To get you booked on the next big show
They gonna know ya, they gonna see ya
They gonna hang your name all over their clothes
You got a couple true fans and mighty good plan
And now we just gotta getchu on the radio

Yeah you gotta get on the radio
If the kids could only hear ya, they'd go outta control
You gotta get on the radio
You want the money and the fame and the sold out shows
And you gotta get on the radio

You got a notebook, you got a pencil
You got a guitar and three or four chords
You're underrated but dedicated
You try to practice but you get so bored
Don't let 'em stop ya, don't let 'em rob ya
We gotta get you in the studio
Hey I know a few tricks and we'll f‌ix it in a mix
And we just gotta get you on the radio

Yeah you gotta get on the radio
It doesn't take a lot of talent, but no one knows
You Gotta get on the radio
You gonna sound so good in stereo
But you gotta get on the radio

You gotta walk it, you gotta talk it
You gotta drop every name that you know
No need to learn it, they'll think you've earned it
You can't teeter, sit up on the plateau
Now all those records that came before ya
They're overrated and they play it too slow
Don't feel bad, man, I know it's a drag
But they ain't playin' H.A.G. on the radio

And you gotta get on the radio
If you wanna be a big shot rollin' in the dough
You gotta get on the radio
Everybody's talkin' trash, but they got nowhere to go
You gotta on the radio
If you're lookin' for the sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll
Then you gotta get on the radio

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Reckless Kelly Chords
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