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Mama Said Don't lyrics - Julie Roberts

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Mama said "don't go near that river wearin' that Sunday dress"
"I spent a lot of money on the pretty little thing so you better not get it wet"
But I couldn't help but, but wanna jump right in when I felt that summer sun beat down
I did what she said, I didn't get it wet
I left it on the muddy ground

Mama said don't
I swore that I won't
But every time mama said don't
I did

Mama said "don't you waste your time girl chasing a boy like that"
"If he's the kind of trouble that his daddy was"
"He'll break your heart in no time flat"
"And don't you fall for that up to something, crooked good for nothin' grin"
But when he pulled up in his red S-10 I couldn't help but jump right in

(Repeat Chorus)

Every time I try to prove her wrong, she always ends up right
But it just wouldn't be like me
If I didn't put up a fight

Mama said don't (4x)

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah every time mama said don't
Every time mama said don't
I did

Mama said "don't go near that river wearing that Sunday dress"
But I did
Mama said "don't waste your time girl chasing a boy like that"
But I did
Yeah I did

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]

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