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Too Damn Young lyrics - Julie Roberts

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We met down at the floatin' dock
I snuck out scared, didn't wanna get caught
We were nervous but it was worth it

There was no such thing as consequence
There in his arms it finally made sense
In that moonlight he saw my tan lines

And every time my feet are danglin' in the water
I can't help but think about him
Lyin' there with his wet hair
Didn't know what we were doin' but we didn't care
That old wooden dock was warm on our backs
T-shirt for a pillow and just like that
He kissed me like he meant forever
And we were too damn young to know any better

The fog rolled in he said he better go
He left his t-shirt for me to hold
A memory, a souvenir I could keep

So I stayed and watched the sunrise
Like it was wakin' up my life
To what love was, I can still see us

Repeat Chorus Twice

We were too damn young to know any better

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