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It All Comes Down to Love lyrics - Darrell Scott

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Well the thing about a dead end road
For a while it’s easy to follow
Running scared with eyes closed
I guess I should have known
Oh the thing about a love gone wrong
Inside goes where outside once was
Here I sit with a bucket of songs 
at no one else will sing
Oh hear me blow like the wind on the prairie
Here for a while and then I’m gone
Talking to myself I’m the only one to listen to me
Waiting like a christian for the dawn
I walk out in the freezing cold 
Wake me up, help to remember
Me, I’m always looking for home
And a reason to remain
I see it in the eeting ow
Silent eyes, moon on the water
How the heavens brightly show me
To the here and now
Oh, in the end there’s a feast of milk and cookies
Lion and the lamb will be there
Nymphs and virgins all stand in line to greet me
Buddha waits to comb my silken hair
e thing about a troubled life
Trouble is a cat on the freeway
Where the rubber meets the road
She’ll nd another way
Oh, the thing about a broken heart
e remedy’s the same as the breaking
Telling us all what we already know
And it all comes down to love
It all comes down to love
It all comes down to love

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Scott Darrell Chords
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