Long, Wide, Open Road Lyrics - Darrell Scott

Darrell Scott Chords

I know that I first loved her, with a meeting of the eye
I did send my mental message on the California sky
And I know that she received it, before she turned to go
Down that long… wide… road

It was only two weeks later, in a San Bernadino bar
She was sitting by her lonesome, shining like a Northern star
And I asked her for direction, she paused before she spoke
Why, down that long…wide…road
We married in the springtime, in a grove of tangerines
Said goodbye to friends and family, hello to all our dreams
Traded warm Mojave sunshine for Rocky Mountain snow
And that long, wide, open road

November nights were cold, at our cabin on the hill
We’d gather oak and mesquite to chase away the chill
But a colder wind was blowin’, from deep down in her soul
That kept her on that wide, open road

I gave all I could give her, then I looked around for more
While I was lookin’ for forever, she was lookin’ for the door
But her sad eyes were determined, on the day she let me go
Down that long. Wide, open road

That was oh so many years now, I have other tales to tell
But if you see my southern gypsy, tell her Shakespeare bids her well
Maybe take this song to give her, to lighten up her load
Down that long, wide, open road

Down that long, wide, open road

[Thanks to Geoff Fry for lyrics]