This Beggar's Heart Lyrics - Darrell Scott

Darrell Scott Chords

This beggar's heart that I've been given
This beggar's heart has a working door
It may swing wide, it may be bolted
To feel this world no more

This voice I sing, it has been given
This voice I sing, will break down the door
And what's inside will find a friend or two
And sing alone no more
These hands of mine will do you bidding
The hands will play in time and tune
And time will show these hands have mattered
If they have mattered to you

These eyes of mine, they take your picture
These eyes that see into and for
I close my eyes and I still see you
And see myself no more

These feet have walked me through this lonesome world
These feet have dropped me here today
And I'll be damned, I'm going where I'm going
I've really known no other way

These words I sing, they ring familiar
These words I sing, I've heard before
Oh, fare thee well, my one and own true love
I'll see you in my dreams once more

This song I sing, is finally over
You're free to go about your way
So bang the drums and turn the house lights on
I've really nothing more to say