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Corey Smith lyrics

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Corey Smith Lyrics

Corey Smith Chords

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Album Lyrics: While The Gettin' Is Good [2015]

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Smith Corey
"While The Gettin' Is Good" [2015]

  1. Don't Mind
  2. Ain't Going Out Tonight
  3. Flip-Flop
  4. My Kinda Lady
  5. Feet Wet
  6. Taking The Edge Off
  7. Dahlonega
  8. Blow Me Away
  9. Pride
  10. The Baseball Song
  11. Drinkin' On My Mind
  12. Bend

Album Lyrics: Live in Chattanooga [2012]

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Smith Corey
"Live in Chattanooga" [2012]

  1. Maybe Next Year
  2. $8 Bottle Of Wine
  3. The Good Life
  4. Party
  5. Drinking Again
  6. I Love Everyone (aka - I Love Black People)
  7. What Happened
  8. Carolina
  9. I Can't Help Myself
  10. Chattanooga
  11. Twenty-One
  12. If I Could Do It Again
  13. Speak The Truth
  14. Fuck The Po-Po

Album Lyrics: The Broken Record [2011]

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Smith Corey
"The Broken Record" [2011]

  1. Intro
  2. If I Could Do it Again
  3. Carolina
  4. I Love Everyone
  5. No Way (Out with a Smile)
  6. Heart Attack
  7. Hey Corey
  8. Broken Record
  9. Maybe Next Year
  10. Backroad
  11. Roots
  12. New Day
  13. Sugar Daddy
  14. Twenty-One
  15. Something to Lose
  16. Down to Earth
  17. Silly

Album Lyrics: Keeping Up With The Joneses [2009]

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Smith Corey
"Keeping Up With The Joneses" [2009]

  1. The Carnival
  2. Keeping Up with the Joneses
  3. Arc of a Rainbow
  4. Collide
  5. Juliet
  6. Powerful Feeling
  7. Dirtier by the Year
  8. Lonely Ride
  9. Feels Like Love
  10. $8 Bottle of Wine
  11. Sweet Sorrow

Album Lyrics: Hard Headed Fool [2007]

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Smith Corey
"Hard Headed Fool" [2007]

  1. Beautiful Things
  2. Technology
  3. Maybe next Year
  4. What Happened
  5. Happy Ever After
  6. Hard-Headed Fool
  7. Could Have Been Friends
  8. Too Good For Me
  9. Together
  10. Goodbye Dixie
  11. Stand Our Ground
  12. Sweet Little Boy

Album Lyrics: The Good Life [2005]

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Smith Corey
"The Good Life" [2005]

  1. Long Way To Go
  2. If I Could DO It Again
  3. Carolina
  4. I Can't Help Myself
  5. The Bottle
  6. The Lord Works in A Strange Way
  7. Harmony
  8. My Two Babies
  9. Single-Wide Home
  10. Leaving An Angel
  11. If That's Country
  12. The Good Life

Album Lyrics: In the Mood [2005]

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Smith Corey
"In the Mood" [2005]

  1. In Love with a Memory
  2. What Happened
  3. When the Sun Goes Down in Georgia
  4. Twenty-One
  5. As Angels Cry
  6. Better Place
  7. Cherokee Rose
  8. Be the Change
  9. From a Distance
  10. The Basement
  11. Where's the Love
  12. I'm Not Gonna' Cry

Album Lyrics: Corey Smith - Other Songs []

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Smith Corey
"Corey Smith - Other Songs" []

  1. Redneck In Me
  2. I'm No Hank Williams
  3. Fuck The Po-Po

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