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Where's the Love lyrics - Corey Smith

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Poor man is beggin' on a crowded street
Doesn't have a dime with which his children to feed
Lost his job when the factory closed
Can't pay the rent, now he's got nowhere to go
So he's lookin' for some pocket change but there's none to spare
Lookin' for some sympathy, but nobody cares

He said "Where's the love?
Where'd your love go my neighbors?
Where's the love?
Where's the love that you all preach of?"

Soldier is marching, machine gun in hand
Makin' his way across a war-torn land
Livin' in the valley of the shadow of death
He's seen a lot of good friends take a dying breath
BAM another shot rings out, another good man falls to the ground
Another family cries 'cause their father's not around

He screams "Where's the love?
Where'd your love go, my creator?
Oh, where's the love?
Where's the love that we all dream of?"

Young boy from a trailer park is lost and confused
Lost faith in god after all the shit that he'd been through
One day the preacher drops by, says "boy, you had better change your ways
Lord knows you're a sinner, son, and you'd burn in hell if you died today"
Well, that news didn't sit too good with a boy who had done the best he could
Church talk has scared him to death like his drunken father said it would

Where's the love?
Where'd your love go, my savior?
Oh where's the love?
Where's the love that Jesus spoke of?
Where's the love?
Won't you show me the love?
Where's the love?
Where's the love that we all dream of?

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