I heard about these kids
Walkin' on a train track
Forty tons of steel bearing down on them
And they just turned their backs
Channel five asked the one who survived
'Son, why'd you do such a thing?'
No reply
But his eyes cried

I just need some peace
If I have to I'll do anything
Don't need your love
Or your sympathy
But I cannot go on living
Without peace

I know a man who
Sits and stares at a
A kitchen cabinet door
That hides a whiskey bottle
He hasn't touched since
Well, this is day four
He told his wife this time he'd try
As she was just about to leave
No reply
But her eyes cried...

(Repeat Chorus)

I have a friend who's looking for God
A few good self-help books is as far as she's gotten

Say a prayer tonight for that desperate child
Say a prayer tonight for that man and his wife
Say a prayer for the searching, hurting
For the one thing we all need
And if you don't know what to say
Just look up to heaven's face and whisper, 'Peace'

[Thanks to Alexis for lyrics]