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Tanya Tucker lyrics

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Tanya Tucker Lyrics

Tanya Tucker Chords

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Album Lyrics: Sweet Western Sound [2023]

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Tucker Tanya
"Sweet Western Sound" [2023]

  1. Tanya
  2. Kindness
  3. Breakfast In Birmingham
  4. Waltz Across A Moment
  5. Ready As I'll Never Be
  6. The List
  7. Letter To Linda:
  8. City Of Gold
  9. That Wasn't Me
  10. When The Rodeo Is Over (Where Does The Cowboy Go?)

Album Lyrics: While I'm Livin' [2019]

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Tucker Tanya
"While I'm Livin'" [2019]

  1. Mustang Ridge
  2. The Wheels Of Laredo
  3. I Don't Owe You Anything
  4. The Day My Heart Grows Still
  5. High Ridin' Heroes
  6. The House That Built Me
  7. Hard Luck
  8. Rich
  9. Seminole Wind Calling
  10. Bring My Flowers Now

Album Lyrics: My Turn [2009]

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Tucker Tanya
"My Turn" [2009]

  1. Wine Me Up
  2. Lovesick Blues
  3. Love's Gonna Live Here
  4. Crazy Arms
  5. After The Fire Is Gone
  6. Big, Big Love
  7. Oh, Lonesome Me
  8. You Don't Know Me
  9. Ramblin' Fever

Album Lyrics: Complicated [1997]

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Tucker Tanya
"Complicated" [1997]

  1. Ridin' Out The Heartache
  2. Little Things
  3. It Hurts Like Love
  4. I Don't Believe That's How You Feel
  5. By The Way
  6. Love Thing
  7. Wishin' It All Away
  8. Complicated
  9. All I Have To Offer You Is Love
  10. What Your Love Does For Me
  11. You Don't Do It

Album Lyrics: Live [1995]

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Tucker Tanya
"Live" [1995]

  1. Pecos Promenade

Album Lyrics: Fire to Fire [1995]

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Tucker Tanya
"Fire to Fire" [1995]

  1. Come In Out Of The World
  2. I'll Take The Memories
  3. I Bet She Knows
  4. Find Out What's Happenin'
  5. Fire To Fire (Tanya Tucker with Willie Nelson)
  6. Between The Two Of Them
  7. Nobody Dies From A Broken Heart
  8. I'll Take Today
  9. The Love You Gave To Me
  10. Love Will

Album Lyrics: Girls Like Me [1994]

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Tucker Tanya
"Girls Like Me" [1994]

  1. One Love At A Time
  2. I'll Come Back As Another Woman
  3. Just Another Love

Album Lyrics: Soon [1993]

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Tucker Tanya
"Soon" [1993]

  1. You Just Watch Me
  2. Come On Honey
  3. Soon
  4. I Love You Anyway
  5. Let The Good Times Roll
  6. We Don't Have To Do This
  7. Hangin' In
  8. Sneaky Moon
  9. Silence Is King
  10. A Blue Guitar

Album Lyrics: Can't Run From Yourself [1992]

Buy Can't Run From Yourself CD
Tucker Tanya
"Can't Run From Yourself" [1992]

  1. It's A Little Too Late
  2. Can't Run From Yourself
  3. Two Sparrows in a Hurricane
  4. Don't Let My Heart Be The Last To Know
  5. Tell Me About It (Tanya Tucker with Delbert McClinton)
  6. I've Learned To Live
  7. What Do They Know
  8. Rainbow Rider
  9. Half The Moon
  10. Danger Ahead

Album Lyrics: What Do I Do With Me [1991]

Buy What Do I Do With Me CD
Tucker Tanya
"What Do I Do With Me" [1991]

  1. If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight
  2. Some Kind Of Trouble
  3. What Do I Do With Me
  4. Down To My Last Teardrop
  5. Everything That You Want
  6. Trail Of Tears
  7. Bidding America Goodbye

Album Lyrics: Love Me Like You Used To [1990]

Buy Love Me Like You Used To CD
Tucker Tanya
"Love Me Like You Used To" [1990]

  1. I Won't Take Less Than Your Love
  2. If It Don't Come Easy
  3. Love Me Like You Used To

Album Lyrics: Strong Enough To Bend [1990]

Buy Strong Enough To Bend CD
Tucker Tanya
"Strong Enough To Bend" [1990]

  1. Strong Enough To Bend
  2. Call On Me
  3. Daddy And Home

Album Lyrics: Tennessee Woman [1990]

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Tucker Tanya
"Tennessee Woman" [1990]

  1. Don't Go Out (Tanya Tucker with T. Graham Brown)
  2. It Won't Be Me

Album Lyrics: T.N.T. [1978]

Buy T.N.T. CD
Tucker Tanya
"T.N.T." [1978]

  1. Texas When I Die

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