Letter To Linda:

Dearest Linda
I write to let you know
You always were my favorite
The greatest and that still goes
I know that you've been strugglin'
Been in the shadows for so long
I just had to reach out to you
And say "You shaped me with your songs"

I wanted to be just like you, Linda
You left an unforgettable, incredible stamp on me
A voice from heaven above to the body the below
If I close my eyes I can still feel the glow
Of "Heart Like A Wheel" reaching out from my radio
I thought you should know
Rest easy, Linda
You already stole the show

Dearest Linda
I heard your voice today
I walked through the door at the Troubadour
And "Desperado" softly played
We only met once in Nashville
I hope some day we meet again
We could talk about the highs
And the times gone by
I'd just love to be your friend

I remember how they introduced you on the TV
"The girl with the warm, beautiful chipmunk eyes"
As of the rivers of inspiration flow
You pulled me in like an undertow
And you've got no idea how your magic grows
But as far as I go
Rest easy, Linda
You already stole the show

Thought you should know
Oh, Linda
Oh, Linda
You already stole the show