Looks like you had one of those God awful days
Like someone dropped some serious rain on your parade hey hey
you looked around and you were all alone
you had to face the devil on your own
you know its okay to cry
you dont have to be so brave hey hey
just breathe deep lay it all on me

Sometimes you're the king, sometimes you rule
Sometimes youre the joker man or playing the fool
sometimes you fit in
sometimes youre just out of place
And sometimes you fall, fall all the way down
sometimes your chute opens before you hit the ground
but youve gotta play the game so why play it safe
lifes about changes
lemons into lemonade

well life is full of bad mistakes
youve got your tough breaks and your heartaches
yeah but youll appreciate the sunny days hey hey
with love theres a learning curve
you gotta bend and swerve you gotta keep your nerve
and above all else for heavens sake hey hey
youve gotta laugh
sometimes thats all you have


Hey, hey, hey, hey, heyyyy, heyyyy
Its gonna be ok


Lifes about changes
Lemons into Lemonade

[Thanks to Elizabeth for lyrics]