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Life Lyrics by Phil Vassar

Phil Vassar Lyrics

Life Ooh, life, Ooh yeah
One day you're up high, you're flying through the sky
Got a peaceful mind and everything is all right
Next minute you're face down in it
And then there's just no winning no relief in sight
Aww Life

It's the middle of the summer and you're floating on a river
Got a beer got your girl an dyoug et a big kiss
gotta say, it doesnt get better
better thank the good Lord on a day like this

Life, life, life
Its wild and wonderful
Life life life
ooh baby you and me
we're gonna drink it all up
Make a lot of love and have a little fun called life

yeah you gotta love life

Theres a man and a woman in the middle of the night
one last push and a baby cries
they look at each other
theyre a daddy and a mother
And they take a first look in their babys eyes

Look at that now
my great grandma 93 years old
she had a wild ride but her time had come
she took me by the hand and said
dyings part of living
boy you better live it up before its gone now


Life, life woah
Lets celebrate it honey it dont last long
cmon baby put your party boots on
yeah life
woah yeah

hey baby come take my hand
let me take you to the Promised Land
Ooh life life life

woah life life yea yea yea
you gotta love life woah yeah
you gotta love life Hey yea
you gotta love life

[Thanks to Elizabeth for lyrics]

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