If You Think I'm Crazy Now - Keith Whitley Lyrics

Keith Whitley CHORDS

If You Think I'm Crazy Now

I've been wild, since I can't remember when
you see me out most every night with a dissipated grin,
All my life I've been libeled, looped and loud,
Now I think I'm finally wearin down,


I still rock and I still roll
I still sleep out in the cold
I can still stay up six days in a row,
But I know the things I do
Don't compare to the things I did
If you think I'm crazy now
You should have seen me when I was a kid

I've been wired, I've been wasted, stoned and stewed,
Stayed out nights and started fights, and I wore out two bar stools
All these years, it's been bedrooms, bars and beers,
Now I think the end is drawing near


[Thanks to Mark for lyrics]

[Thanks to LW for corrections]