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Ripples chords - 4 Runner

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4 runner
1995, PolyGram Records
4:15 AM 11/19/2004

Intro: (G)  (Em7)  (Cadd9)  (D)   (G)  (Em7)  (Cadd9)  (D)

Well, there's (G) one thousand (Em7) seven hundred and (Cadd9) forty-two 
(D) People in this (G) little town (Em7) 
And that (Cadd9) one proverbial (D) horse 
(G) And everybody (Em7) here'd be more than (Cadd9) happy 
To sp(D)read a little (G) gossip 'round (Em7) 
If it ain't about (Cadd9) them, of course (D) 
(Cadd9) The bank's called in (D) Bubba's note 
The (Cadd9) Higgins boy's done (G) got on dope 
And (Cadd9) ol' man Dodd's been (G/B) peeping through windows with a (Am) telescope (D) 
How can there be 
  (Cadd9) So many (G) ripples in (D) this tiny (G) puddle 
  (Cadd9) So many (G) hearts tossed on this (Am) little storm (D)
  In a (Cadd9) town this (G) shallow  
  When you (A) stur it you'll find (D) trouble like 
  (Cadd9) So many (G) ripples (Am) in a (Dsus4) tiny (G) puddle  

(Em7)  (C)  (D)  (G)  (Em7)  (Cadd9)  (D)

(G) Last year the (Em7) local mayor got (Cadd9) caught 
Doin' the (D) breast stroke in the (G) typin' pool (Em7) 
Now that's (Cadd9) hands-on polit(D)ics 
And (G) Bubba's land, the (Em7) banker bought it cause he (Cadd9) knew 
That's (D) where they're building the (G) county school (Em7) 
He's (Cadd9) gonna get rich again (D) 
And (Cadd9) two seniors are (D) havin' babies 
(Cadd9) Ain't no ifs, (G) ands or maybes, cause 
(Cadd9) When you hear it from the (G/B) Avon lady, its the (Am) gospel truth (D) 
How can there be 

Repeat Chorus

It's a (F) tempest in a teapot 
It's a (C) roaring little mouse 
We call it the (Am) Days of Our (G/B) Lives out on the (Cadd9) rural route (D)

Repeat Chorus 

  (Cadd9) So many (G) ripples (Am) in a (No Chord) tiny (G) puddle (Em7)  (Cadd9)  (G)  

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