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Twistin Jack chords - Ain't Misbehavin

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                "Twistin' Jack" by Miss Behavin' –

My (D)daddy didn't dance, not even a lick 
so they called (G) him Twistin'(D) Jack. 
He always sat face to the bar 
all the (A)dancers got was back. 
(D)His boots were made of cement 
and his jeans (G) were made of (D) stone 
(G) rumor goes that he did once (D) dance 
but then (A) he was (D) alone 
chorus one: 
(D) Twistin Jack Twistin Jack 
TwistinÂ' down the (G) road in his old (D) Cadillac 
Twistin' the top off a (F#) long neck (B7) beer 
but (D) you won't see Jack (A) dancing (D)here 

Now  (D) Twistin' Jack was a handsome man 
and he caught the (G) eye of all the (D) girls 
they'd buy him drinks and beg and plead 
"please (A) Jack, just one little twirl" 
(D) but his feet were fast 
(G) glued to the (D) ground 
(G) wouldn't change his (D) tune 
(A) his resolve was sound 
  (D) A rose by any other name may (F#) smell as (B7) sweet 
but  (D)Twistin Jack won't (A) move his (D) feet. 
chorus two 
 (D)TwistinÂ' Jack TwistinÂ' Jack 
they keep twisting his (G) arm but he just won't (D) crack 
he might twist a smile or hed(F#) might twist a (B7) sneer 
but (D) you won't see Jack (A) dancing (D) here 

One night a stranger come into the joint 
as Jack was  ( G) filling up on (D) bourbon 
he grabbed a stool and sat right down 
and Jack, (A) he began disturbing 
(D)"well, there's an ole' boy here 
(G) who dances like the devil or so I have been (D) told 
and with a name like TwistinÂ'(A) Jack he must be something to (D) behold" 
He said "I sure would like to see that fella do a (F#) little dance or (B7) two" 
 (D)Twistin' Jack looked him (A) right in the eye and said "yeah, me (D) too" 
chorus one 
chorus two


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Ain't Misbehavin
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  1. Ain't Misbehavin - Twistin Jack Chords

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