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Seeds chords - Pat Alger

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Pat Alger Sheet music

Seeds - Pat Alger/Ralph Murphy
on the album 'seeds' by pat alger.

{G} Sometimes I stop {D} on my way home
{C} To watch the children {G} play
And I {C} wonder if they {Am} wonder
{G} What they'll be some {D} day
{G} Some will dream a big {D} dream
{C} And make it all come {G} true
While {C} others go on {Am} dreaming
{G} Of things they'll never {D} do

We're all just {G} seeds
In Gods {C} hands
We start the {Am} same
But where we {G} land
Is sometimes {C} fertile {Am} soil
And sometimes {G} sand
We're all just {C} seeds
In Gods {G} hands

{G} I saw a friend the {D} other day
{C} I hardly recogn {G} ized
{C} He'd done a lot of {Am} living
Since {G} I'd last looked in his {D} eyes
And {C} he told his tale of {G} how he failed
And {C} the lessons he'd been {Am} taught
{G} But he offered no {D} excuses
{C} And he left me with this {D} thought

And as I'm standing at the {Am} crossroads
Once {G} again
{C} I'm reminded we're all the same when
We {Am} begin
And in the {C} end·

We're all just seeds in Gods hands

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