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City Lights chords - American Aquarium

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                American Aquarium
City Lights
Capo 2

Intro: C G Am F

    C             G
the rail sings a sad love song
        Am                F             C
and the rain outside just sings along
       G               Am          F
and we all dance for the lonely
C                     G
over that hill, sun's waiting for me
   Am               F           C
up in johnson city, tennessee
         G                Am           F
we got a show tomorrow in nashville

so i tried to call you on my telephone
but your answering machine told me you ain't home
baby girl when you gonna realize
that you can't wash away all your pain
with your dirty wine and cheap champagne
you're just dancing for the lonely

       C         G
and goddamn this city
   Am            Em        F
to hell with the cold dark nights
      C               G
and my god you look so pretty
Am               C
under those city lights

and every town and every place
there's a blue eyed story with a pretty face
just aching for a little attention
she's a hometown girl alone at the bar
she tried to get out but she didn't get far
now she's stuck here for a lifetime

aw but when she puts on that dancing dress
lips are blood red and her hair's a mess
and she's ready to fall in love tonight
aw but after a few they all look the same
and i don't even think that he asked her name
she's just another notch on the bedpost 

and goddamn this city
to hell with the cold dark night
and to think that she looked so pretty
under those city lights

and what part of this have we not been through
     C                                       Em
what good is some money if i ain't got you
                  Am           G
just know in your heart that i miss you

well i hate to cut it short
but babe I gotta go
the boys are headed up to ohio
how i wish it was carolina

and goddamn this city
to hell with the cold dark nights
and my god you look so pretty
under those city lights

and my god you look so pretty
under those city lights

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American Aquarium
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