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Della And The Dealer chords - Hoyt Axton

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Hoyt Axton

verse = A - D - /CFDA ://
chorus = AEEA

       A                                               D
It was Della and the Dealer and a dog named Jake and a cat named Kalamazoo
 C                 F                D                          A
Left the city in a pick-up truck.  Gonna make some dreams come true
     A                                                    D
Well they rolled out west where the wild sun sets and the coyote bays at the
C                          F                    D               A
Della and the Dealer and a dog named Jake and a cat named Kalamazoo

	If that cat could talk what tales he'd tell
	About Della and the Dealer and the dog as well
	But the cat was cool
	And he never said a mumblin' word

Down Tucson way there's an old cafe where they play a little cowboy tune
The guitar picker was a friend of mine by the name of Randy Boone
Well Randy played her a sweet love song and Della got a fire in her eye
The Dealer had a gun and the dog had a knife and the cat had a shot of rye


Well the Dealer was a killer; he was evil and mean and he was jealous of the
fire in her eye
He snorted his coke through a century note and he swore that Boone would die
Well the stage was set when the lights went out there was death in Tucson
Bodies ran for the bar back door, but one stayed on the ground


Two bodies ran from the bar that night and a dog and a cat ran too
The tires got hot on the pickup truck, as down the road they flew
It was Della and her lover and a dog named Jake and a cat named Kalamazoo
Left Tucson in a pickup truck. Gonna make some dreams come true

~~chorus~~ (2x)

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