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Outside Lookin' In chords - Bandana

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Bandana Sheet music
                Outside Lookin’ In
By Bandana

Capo 4

        D             G
Can you hear my heart breakin’
      D                G
While you’re out there makin’
      D           G              A
Sweet love to someone you call a friend
           D              G
You see me smilin’ on the outside
        D             G
But I’m cryin’ on the inside
       D         A               D
Here I am on the outside lookin’ in

D            G          D                G
Once we were lovers but now we seem like strangers
    D             G                A
And I can see the beginning of the end
          D                 G
If you’re his, you can’t be mine
F#m          Bm  Bm/A  G              D           A               D
Baby I’m not bli-i-i—i-ind, I’m still here on the outside lookin’ in


Move capo to 5 (up ½ step) same chords

Steel solo
Well I know you think I’m crazy but I’m still hopin’ maybe
You’ll come back and we can start all over again
If you’re his, you can’t be mine
Baby I’m not blind, I’m still here on the outside lookin’ in


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