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Americana chords - Moe Bandy

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By Moe Bandy

D             A               D
I’ve traveled all around this country
D            A                   D
In my time I thought I’d seen it all
      G            A             Bm       Bm/A   
But today I took a detour down a backroad
          E7                             A
Through a little town whose name I can’t recall
           D          A               D
There were old men on benches playin’ checkers
D                A                D
Children playin’ hopscotch on the square
    G            A            Bm      G
And high above a statue of an unknown soldier
    D         A             D
Old Glory was waving in the air
Bm         G             D
Suddenly I realized what I’d too long forgotten
  Bm                 G               A
A chill rose up like mountains on my skin
    Bm            G        D            G
Overcome with the feelin’, I knew I was seein’
D           A       D
America all over again

D G    A 
G             A                D  
Pictures of a people proud and free
D Bm   G     E7        A              Bm    Bm/A
A—m-ericana, I’ll keep holdin’ to the dream
       G          A               D
You’re still what livin’ means to me

I knew to stop would throw me off my schedule
But I parked around behind the Five and Dime
There’s something bout a small town in the summer
Like a Norman Rockwell picture back in time
Kids were courtin’ at the Rexall soda fountain
Like we did before they built the shoppin mall
I saw so many reasons why I love this country
You know some things never really change at all
As I left the 2 lane road and pulled back on that superhighway
I thought of what I’d seen back in that town
And it hit me like a freight train
That a stones throw from the fast lane, America is still safe and sound

Chorus Twice

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