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Hidden Song chords - Bart Crow Band

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                Key:  A

Gordon Scott Ruthorford, May 30th, 1968 - January 7th, 2003 
We did it man and this one's for you, We really miss ya... 

Asus2   E   3 times 

Asus2                 E 
It's a dead end on an eight mile road 
Asus2                        E 
It's a shot rings out in the dark 
Asus2                         E 
It's like the sharp side of a stinging sword 
Asus2                      E 
It's kind of like a broken heart 

And it's smoking the days last cigarette 
It's a one lone candle glow 
It's the old man that you walk right past  
Didn't stop to say hello 
Didn't stop to say hello 


It's like a young baby scared and crying 
Reaching out for momma to hold 
It's like living each day for your dreams  
No fears of growing old 

It's like a cool crisp ocean breeze 
One that's always there to remind you 
Of that one true love that got away 
That one brings you to your knees 
Drops you right down to your knees  


It's the friend that up and left you 
When you weren't ready for him to leave 
And it's the wife that just shakes all night 
All she can do is scream 

And it's 1968  
And you left us in 03 
Never gave us a chance to say goodbye 
Never thought that you'd have to leave 
Never thought that you'd have to leave 
Why did you have to leave 

Fiddle outro

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