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My Inlaws Are Outlaws chords - Jeff Bates

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                Jeff Bates - My inlaws are outlaws

Intro - G - D - A - D

(verse 1)
My inlaws are outlaws, so I stay on my toes,
A                            G              D
Cause anything could happen, anything could go,
I have to lock up my old tool box,
              Cadd9     G
And hide all my fishin gear,
Cause my inlaws are outlaws,
         A            D
If they ain't wanted here,

She may not be like Bonnie,
       G               D
And he ain't exactly Clyde,
They don't carry Tommy Guns,
     A                   A-B-C#-D<--walk)
But tote big pocket knives,
I don't turn my back for nothin,
           G                 E
No there's nothin for me to fear,
   G             D
My inlaws are outlaws,
          A            D
But they ain't wanted here,

(verse 2)
I call 'em mom and dad, and they both call me son,
I'd like to call 'em lots of things,
But I just bite my tongue,
We say we love each other,
But Lord knows we ain't sincere,
Cause my inlaws are outlaws,
But they ain't wanted here,

Cause he drinks all my whiskey,
    G                   D
And she drinks all the wine,
They tell us how to raise our kids,
     A                   A-B-C#-D<--walk>   
While there's are doin time,
They've worn out their welcome,
     G                 E
In my favorite easy chair,
   G             D
My inlaws are outlaws,
          A            D
But they ain't wanted here,

Yea I bet no one would miss 'em,
   G                        E
If they just happen to disappear,
   G             D
My inlaws are outlaws,
          A            D  -A-B-C#-
But they ain't wanted here,
       G             D
Yea, my inlaws are outlaws,
          A            D
But they ain't wanted here

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