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South Texas Skyline chords - Ryan Beaver

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                Capo2 or open

Intro- G   D/F#   Cadd9  x2 

Cadd9                       G
A cool breeze is blowin' in under the big blue sky
Cadd9                              G
You can hear the wheels rollin' on that interstate nearby
Cadd9               Em7
Motel signs glowin' all so very bright
Am              C            D/F#
All those weary drivers need to stop for the night
Cadd9                                  G
And the music carries down the street from an old bar on the square
Cadd9                            G
People spend all Saturday night dancing away without any care
Cadd9                           Em7
Ain't nobody worried about what Monday might bring
Am                    C          D/F#
They all know there's something special about this place

                 G           D/F#
Looking at that south Texas skyline
Painting a picture tonight
G               D/F#              Cadd9
It gives them something to dream about
              G          D/F#
With all the red, blue, orange and gold 
Watching that sun sink down low
G       D/F#                  Cadd9
Till it drops straight out of sight
           Em7           D/F#         G
Yeah the beauty of that south Texas skyline

Cadd9                                 G
I've been here for fifteen years and I've never left this town
Cadd9                                       G
There was something here in the atmosphere that kept me hangin' around
Cadd9                    Em7
I guess after seein' the sun set like that
Am            C                   D/F#
Never really want to leave and it always won't come back


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