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Ordinary Heart chords - Beccy Cole

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                Key - A 	 (Harmony denoted by * to * ) Capo V

E 	  	  	  	 A
An Ordinary heart comes in a plain brown wrapper
E 	  	  	  	          B
Believing in hopes and dreams and happy ever afters
E 	  	  	        A
Someone to love is all that really matters
 	       B 	  	    E 	  	 A
To a heart, An ordinary heart.

*An ordinary heart comes with a door that never closes 	 
though its gathered more than its  share of thorns among the roses
It will tell you that's just the price that life imposes
on a heart, an ordinary heart.*

A 	  	  	  	      E
An ordinary heart may not be the jewel in the crown,

*But its the only thing you can count on 
when the chips are down *
A 	  	  	 E
An ordinary heart is a diamond in the rough
 	  	  	  	    B 	       E
*a diamond after all is made of ordinary stuff*

E 	 A 	 E 	 B 	 E
Instrumental - first 1/2 of verse.

*After all this time you think it would know better,
Still reading between the lines of old love letters,
But nothing is lost when it becomes a treasure
on a heart, an ordinary heart*

E 	  	  	  	  A
An Ordinary heart it came in a plain brown wrapper,
E 	  	  	  	          B
Believing in hopes and dreams and happy ever afters
E 	  	  	  	   A
* Someone to love was all that really mattered
         	         B 	  	      E
To a heart*  this ordinary heart.

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