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Don't Take Your Cash To Town chords - Ben Colder

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                Ben Colder: Don't Take Your Cash To Town

Resubmitted by GMWNS

Note 1: This is a parody of the Johnny Cash song, 'Dont Take Your Gun To Town'. 
Note 2: Ben Colder was really Shep Wooley (who did 'Purple People Eater' in 
the late 50s). Wooley did many humorous songs under the name Ben 
Note 3: I couldn't make out a word in forth line from bottom. I put in 
'scammed' because that works. Please let me know if you know the correct 
word and I'll add it. 

Capo 3rd Fret 

(G) Johnny was a country boy and (D) this I knows a (G) fact 
He picked a bale of cotton and he (D) nearly broke his (G) back (augh!) 
One (C) day old John got all fed up and throwed his pick sack down 
His (G) mama cried as he walked out 
Don't (C) take your cash to (G) town son. (C) Leave your cash at (G) home son. 
Don't (C) take your cash to (G) townnnnnnnnnnnn (hmmmmmm) 

He met a girl named Little Nell, she (D) thrilled him with her (G) charms (ooh) 
She told him how her dear old mom was a-(D)-bout to lose the (G) farm (he,he,he,he) 
Old (C) Johnny had a heart of gold, he plopped his money down 
And his (G) mama's voice echoed again 
Don't (C) take your cash to (G) town son. (C) Leave your cash at (G) home son. 
Don't (C) take your cash to (G) townnnnnnnnnnnn (hmmmmmm) 

Now late that night old John walked by a (D) place of amuse-(G)-ment 
A wishful look was in his eye, he (D) didn't have a (G) cent 
There (C) on the stool sat Little Nell and the boys were gathered round 
He (G) wondered at his parting words 
Don't (C) take your cash to (G) town John. (C) Leave your purse at (G) home son.  
(C) Looks like you've been (G) scammed John. You (C) stupid son-of-a-(G)-gun son. 
(C) Look at what you've (G) done John.  
(C) Give me back my (G) mon, hon. Next (C) time take your (G) gun John.  
Don't (C) take your cash to (G) town (hmmmmmm)

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