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The One She Is To Me chords - Pete Benz

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Date: 23 Nov 01
Song: The one she is to me
Artist: Pete Benz
Transposed by: Eddie Garcia (
The One She Is To Me

           D                   Bm          G     A
She’s been lookin’ through her monthly magazines
         D             Bm              G    A
For that look that can sweep me off my feet
         D                Bm            G            A
It might be the dress she found on page twenty-three
     D                  Bm               G       A
It’s just like what her favorite actress wore on tv
           D         Bm               G     A
She’s been tryin’ to make a brand new start
            D             Bm                  G    A
And light a new flame to guide us through the dark
      D               Bm           G        A
By pretending like a child to play the part
     D           Bm           G             A    G A
Of a woman in a romance novel God bless her heart…


D                     G             A               D
oooh, there’s so much beauty deep inside she won’t reveal
                     G             A                 Bm
She fulfills my fantasy cause everything about her’s real
             G                                 A             Bm
She wants to change her style but her smile is all I need to see
          G                   A                     D
Cause the one she wants to be, is the one she is to me

           D            Bm                 G    A
She’s been listenin’ to love songs on the radio
           D         Bm               G     A
She sings along with all the ones she knows
    D                Bm         G      A
She wants to be like every star I suppose
       D              Bm           G          A
And as perfect as the one she sees in the video…

G         A               Bm
I need to tell her not to change a thing for me
G            A               Bm
Right by her side is where I wanna be
        G            Bm
Cause I know sure as tomorrow will come
G                     A                    G A D
She’s gonna know that she’s the only one…

(repeat chorus)

Eddie Garcia
**Keepin' it Country**

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