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Savior chords - Billy Bob Thornton

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written by Billy Bob Thornton and Randy Mitchell

INTRO: C  Am7  F  G7  (2x)

C                                   Am7       
When your blood is boiling and your heart is full of fear
  F                     G7
A savior doesn't visit, miracles don't appear
    C                                Am7
The minute hand ticks slower and the hour hand don't move
     F                                  G7
When you can't dream the future and you have somethin' to prove

    C                    Am7
You need an explosion to clean out all the pain
F                                         G7
Clouds just swell in silence while you're waiting for the rain
    C                               Am7
The phone looks like a cobra on the table by the bed
F                            G7
Even if your savior called, everything's been said

Your nerves grow thru your soul like racing evil vines
You read her goodbye letter and try to see between the lines
Prayin' to be sleepin' when the house burns to the ground
But hopin' on the other hand, somehow you'll be found

People try to be a friend, they come by for a talk
But when they start the speech, the words just break in two like chalk
A-waiting for the sweat that pours out when the fever breaks
Wishin' you could take back every one of your mistakes

F             C
Do you find a fix
       F                         C                 G7
Do you give up on everything and sit and take your licks
       F                               C              Am
Do the lonely and the broken ones keep waiting for it all
   F                           G               C
Or do they just lay down and accept the bitter fall


But then some tiny magic starts to grow and warm your veins
That mystery of life somehow keeps you kinda sane
A daydream starts to grow that hasn't been there in awhile
The kids are in the backyard and it makes you start to smile

The savior rushes in and grabs you hard and holds you strong
And not the one you wait for, one that's been there all along
The daydream doesn't end, instead your smile turns to a laugh
As the young ones teach you once again to be the better half

       C                                   Am7
So you suck the poison from your blood and kick the bastard out
    F                             G7
And walk out in the sunlight into what it's all about

F                C
You can't find a fix
F                                C                    G7
You can't give up on anything, especially when you're sick
            F                            C              Am
If you're a lonely or a broken one, keep givin' it your all
   F                                 G               C
So when you finally lay down, you'll know you didn't fall


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