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Days Of America chords - Blackhawk

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Blackhawk Sheet music
                INTRO: G C G C G C G  Em C G D

    Em        C       G      D
The furnace burns in steel town
 Em           C                G         D
Big business came and tried to shut em down
  Em            C              G             D
Workers got together and they bought that mill
                 C                 D
They're making steel in Pittsburgh still
 Em         C           G       D
The family farm down in Indiana
  Em          C                G           D 
The bank's foreclosin' just because they can
  Em           C                 G              D
The farmer can't do nothin' 'bout another drought
        C                           D
But John, Waylon & Willie came and helped 'em out

  Em           C            G      D
These are the days of America
 Em         C          G        D
Brother to brother, hand in hand
 Em            C      G         D
These are the days of America
         C                  D
Walking together in the promise land

  Em          C         G          D
The wheels in Detroit keep on turnin'
  Em          C          G            D
A blue collar lesson there for the learnin'
   Em                    C            G         D
The throttle drives you anywhere no matter how far
        C              D    
Just never give up on who you are

 Em           C          G       D
Right down the middle of America
 Em           C          G         D
Where her heart beats strong and true
 Em          C      G       D
Look up and just open your eyes
     C                         D       
The flag still waves and the eagle still flies.


 Em     C          G       D 
These are the days
 Em     C          G       D
These are the days of America
 Em     C          G       D
These are the days
 Em     C          G     (MUSIC STOPS)
These are the days of America

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