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Run Away chords - Blake Powers

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                Run Away 
By Blake Powers Band
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Capo 3

    G    C                   D                G
Hey you, don’t you think you owe me more than that
G            C                   Em 
How can I convince you, when you turn your back
     C                                  D     C  D 
that I’m not going to hurt, leave, or betray
G        C               D            G
Hey you, what’s this argument really about 
C             D                Em   
Are you terrified that we will not work out
    C                               D   C   D
and determined to destroy it right away
      Em                   C
Well, no, there’s no guarantee
Em                                 D
that the love we feel right now is meant to be
Em                         C
but it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy
if you give up before it’s underway

              G  G/F#   Em  C
So don’t just ru-u-u-n away
     G   G/F#  Em  C
Run away
           G  G/F#   Em  C
Don’t just ru-u-u-n away
     G   G/F#  Em   C
Run away
D                               C             D                 G
You haven’t even heard what I’m going to say, please don’t run away
C          D    G
Don't just run away

Sit down, start at the beginning with your fears
How can I begin to ease them if I never hear
your complicated history replayed
Sit down, all you have to be is yourself
If you don’t like it here, we’ll just go somewhere else
I know this great little Italian place
But you’ll have to choose
This is all a gamble and it’s possible to lose
But if you don’t light the time bomb’s multicolored fuse
It’ll tick on down to zero and seal our fate


D                                Em 
I know you’ve got your instincts to obey
D                              Em
I know you’re screaming at you not to stay
              Am       C                                D
but if I were you, I’d think about the choice I’m gonna make


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