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Wild Mountain Nation chords - Blitzen Trapper

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Blitzen Trapper Sheet music
Tuning: Standard

  F             C

Come out from the world

    F    C   G

and into my arms

D                C     F  C  G      

like wind on the water with me

     F             C

come out from the city

     F    C       G

come out from the town

D              C        F   C        G

build stone by stone a wild mountain home


C    F C   G    D      F C G
C    F C   G    D      F C G


When the red moon wains
we'll be moving on the plains
through the tall grass out to the sea
and we'll cross that water 
my wild mountain lover
like wolves running silent and free


           F    C      G

So if your love won't grow 

         C     G    F

and the rivers won't flow

               F    C      G

just join that holy desert tribe 

            C     G     F

is where we saddle up to ride


you know that wild mountain nation

       F    C     G

on the rise of going home


Come out from the world 
and into my arms
like wind on the water with me
with wings like the angels
and hearts like the sun
building stone by stone
a wild mountain home 

repeat the last line of the last chorus "On the Rise and Goin Hoooome" 
then end on C.

Blitzen Trapper ChordsBlitzen Trapper Lyrics

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Blitzen Trapper

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