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Wishing Time Away chords - Bobby Cool

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                Wishing Time Away

Capo 2nd Fret

Intro: D D/F# G A D D/F# G
       D    D/F#          G          A
Like a man caught in the thick of a storm
                G         A     D
With the faint hope of a sunny sky
          D   D/F#          G          A
With his head down and his fists in a fold
            G              A       D
He's just praying it will pass him by
            D   D/F#      G          A
And like a dog stuck all alone in a cage
        G              A        D
Waiting on someone to bust him out
              D    D/F#           G               A
Feels like a lost cause in these bars that don't change
          G                  A         D
And he's hoping things will soon turn around

                G     A      D                   G         A    D     
Chorus: That's how I feel without you, in every moment of everyday
          G       A       Bm    A            G                A 
Whenever i'm somewhere without you i'm just wishing the time away

       D  D/F#     G           A              G       A            D          
Like a kid on the last day of school, waiting on the last bell to ring
           D       D/F#      G         A              G                A          D
Has got a yearning for, the summer to come and can't wait for all the trips in between
              D   D/F#      G         A            G        A           D 
And like the gas tank of a rusty old car sittin' empty all cold in the snow
         D    D/F#     G      A            G        A     D
Needs a fast race to take it far and some fuel to make it go


Solo: D D/F# G A G A D D D/F# G A G A D G A D G A D G A Bm A G A
           D    D/F#      G       A        G             A        D 
And like a sailor set a drift at sea just feeling for a gust of wind
          D  D/F#       G       A            G                  A     D
Is at the mercy of the rolling waves that he wants to take him home again
            D    D/F#    G     A        G          A       D
And like a song that nobody knows or a song that nobody plays
            D        D/F#            G          A             G               A      D       
Spends its life on a shelf with the long lost dream of being set free on the radio waves



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