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Dead And Gone chords - Bois D'Arc

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                Bois D'Arcs
"Dead and Gone" 

G              C9         G
was a time when we had no doubt
G                 C9          G
thought we had it all figured out
G              C9       G
make a million save the world
G           C9      G
be the hero get the girl
    D   C9       G 
its all dead and gone X2

weed and whiskey racing cars
chasing women closing bars
stay up all night sleep all day
every morning wake in a haze
its all dead and gone X2

Em             C9                   G
seems like the good times dont last forever
Em          C9           G
things dont always go as planned
Em        C9            G
if we can put our heads together
well break the glass steal the sand



had our good times we had our laughs
now its all just a part of the past
heres to the future and what will be
heres to good friends and the memories
its all dead and gone X4

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