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Proud Souls chords - Jason Boland & the Stragglers

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Jason Boland & the Stragglers Sheet music
Proud Souls
Written by Jason Boland
Artist Jason Boland and the Stragglers
Cd Pearl Snaps

Capo 2
G D Em C

G                          D
I got drunk by myself last night
Em                                C
they say it's no way to make things right
G                          D                           G
I just didn't have anything better to do.
G                                           D
The dog was asleep on the living room rug and
   Em                                  C
I watched a show about crime and drugs,
G                                 D                                G
punished a bottle of bourbon until it was through.
G                         D
 I don't care that I can't sleep
Em                       C
I'd just as soon stay up all week
G                                    D                            G
I might get some things done while others dream.
G                                        D
The heater broke and the room got cold
             Em                               C
and my knees and ankles say I'm gettin' older
G                          D                              G
the phone finally rang but it wasn't for me

Bm                             C
 If everyone was together
             G                           D
I guess no one would be alone
G                      D                       G
 Life's a lot of trade offs in the end.
Bm                           C
Somewhere in the fields of heather

         G                                  D
The proud souls laugh and love together
   G                                D                           G
somewhere between passion and losing friends
G                                       D
 Sleep finally came but I woke up alone
        Em                            C
my head was next to the telephone
  G                          D                                 G
 I gave the sun a cussin' as I drew the shades.
 G                                   D
The thing that seems always true
  Em                                  C
 when I'm hung over the sky is blue.
   G                        D                                    G
 A rough night for me will make a hell of a day
G                                          D
 I believe in ghosts and democracy
                 Em                                       C
and that each man should leave his legacy
 G                              D                   G
 be that mans work great or be it small.
 G                                          D
 I don't believe in everything like
          Em                                    C
the designated hitter or that diamond rings
G                               D                         G
will make love last forever for one and all.


Jason Boland & the Stragglers ChordsJason Boland & the Stragglers Lyrics

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