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All I Do Is Love Her chords - James Bonamy

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song: all i do is love her
by: james bonamy
album: What I live to do
capo: second fret

(D)I used to try to be a(A) fix-it man,

If she had a problem,(G) I had a plan,

(D)but what she really (A)wanted,(G)(A)

(D)Was for me to(A) understand,

Lend an ear and(G) not my hand, 

(D)Well I finally (A)got it,(G)(A)

(G)Now when she turns to(A) me sometimes,

(G)With something heavy weighin'(A)on her mind.............


(D)All I,(G) do is love her,

(D)I know that's really what she(A) needs the most,

(G)Is all my time and (A)all my a-ttention,

(D)not my answers or my,(G) intervention,

(D)All I,(G) do is love her,

The way that(A) she loves(D) me..........

(D)When I look back on how it(A) used to be,

I'm still amazed that she had(G) faith in me,

(D)but look how far we've(A) come,(G)(A)

(D)We're connected at the,(A) heart somehow,

I can't imagine me with(G)out her now, 

She's(D) where I'm coming(A) from(G)(A)

(G)I'm the one that she's de(A)pending on 

(G)So when she reaches out for(A) something strong.........


(D)All I,(G)do is love her, the way that(A) she loves(D) me..........

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