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From A Boxcar Door chords - Willie Boxcar

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Recorded by Boxcar Willie
Words and music by L. Martin and Miz Box

[G] I've seen the 'Gators and the 'Skeeters
Down in the swamps of Louisi-[D] an'
I've seen the Painted Desert
I've traveled across Texas' burnin' [G] sand
I've seen the great Rocky Mountains
That reach up where the mighty [G7] Eagle [C] soars
You know, [D] big or small, I've seen it all
>From A Boxcar [G] Door.

I've seen those Wheat fields out in Kansas
in Iowa, I've watched the tall Corn grow
Seen 'em pickin' fruit in Florida
Watched 'em diggin' 'Taters up in Idaho
I've seen the factories in Detroit
I've seen a small country general store
And big or small, I've seen it all
>From A Boxcar Door.

I've seen the Coal Mines in Kentucky
I've seen the Steel Mills in Birmingham
I've seen the Appalachians, seen Hoover
And I've seen ev'ry other dam
I've seen the great Salt Lake in Utah
I've heard the mighty N-i-ag-ra roar
Yea! big or small, I've seen it all
>From A Boxcar Door.

I've seen the great Potomac River
The wide Missouri and the O-hi-o
I've seen the Colorado
I've watched the mighty Mississipi flow
I've seen the great Atlantic Ocean
I've seen California's golden shore
You know, big or small, I've seen it all
>From A Boxcar Door.

I've seen the Black man in the Ghettos
On the Reservation, I've watched the Navajo
I've seen the migrant workers
In the fields from Maine down to Mexico
I've seen the rich man in his Penthouse
The Shantys and the Shacks of the poor
Yea! big or small, I've seen it all
>From A Boxcar Door.

But, my travels are not over
There's lots more that I've just gotta see
Ev'ry day's a new adventure
And I thank the Lord for letting me be free
When I hop aboard a Boxcar
And hear that mighty engine start to roar
You know, big or small, I'll see you all
>From A Boxcar Door.

TAG: Yea! big or small, I'll see you all from a boxcar door.

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Boxcar Willie
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