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Youre A Hum-dinger chords - Br5-49

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Br5-49 Sheet music

You're a Hum-Dinger
By: BR5-49
Transcribed by: Jeff Gary


Chorus 1:
A                   D
Hum-dinger, you're a hum-dinger
You're as plain as yeller' puddin'
          E  A
You're a hum-dinger

You're cute when you're gay and glad
But you're even cuter when you're mad
There ain't no doubt about it
          E  A
You're a hum-dinger
Fourteen miles outside of town
You told me to quit this hummin' around
But I ain't mad at you 'cause
          E  A
You're a hum-dinger

Chorus 1

You're hair is blonde, but the roots are black
There's bugs a crawlin' on your back
And the boys are chasin' you 'cause
You're a hum-dinger

You're teeth are good, but they look like corn
You're pappy left when you were born
I wish you'd be my girl
You're a hum-dinger

Chorus 1

You're feet are wide and flat on the bottom
And speakin' of feet, I'd say you got 'em
Won't you be my gal
You're a hum-dinger

You're eyes are crossed and the color is pink
And I know when you're lookin' at me, I think
Oh, flower from the pasture
You're a hum-dinger

Chorus 2:
Hum-dinger, you're a hum-dinger
You're as sweet as cactus candy
You're a hum-dinger


Well, you're hands are rough as an alligator
They could squash a three-pound Irish potater
But I love to sit and hold 'em
You're a hum-dinger

There's a bone stickin' out of your hip
There's a mustache on your dainty lip
Oh, darlin' little maiden
You're a hum-dinger

Chorus 1
Chorus 2

No chord
Mmmmmmmmm, Mmmmm!

-Jeff Gary-

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