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Always Have, Always Will chords - Brandon Rickman

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                Always Have, Always Will
Recorded by Brandon Rickman

Intro.:  |(D) |(Em) |(C) |(Em) |(C) |(Em) |(D) |(Em) |(Em)

I drink a-(D)lone here every (Em)night for the (C)pain I try to (Em)hide
I drink it (C)down till I get my (Em) fill, always (D)have and I always (Em) will |(Em)

She (D)left a letter on our (Em) bed, you know (C)why is all it (Em) said
I keep her (C)note on the window (Em) sill, always (D)have and I always (Em) will

Inst.:  |(D) |(Em) |(C) |(Em) |(C) |(Em) |(D) |(Em) |(Em)

She always (D)knew I'd never (Em)change like I (C)knew she'd never (Em)stay
But I loved her (C)then and I love her (Em) still, always (D)have and I always (Em) will

Inst.:  |(D) |(Em) |(C) |(Em) |(C) |(Em) |(D) |(Em) |(Em)

I fought it (D)time and time a-(Em)gain, but the (C)whiskey always (Em) wins
I got re-(C)grets I try to (Em)kill, I always (D)have and I always (Em) will |(Em)

Now as (D)far as I can (Em) tell, I know the (C)devil way too (Em) well
But I knew the (C)price when I made the (Em)deal, always (D)have and I always (Em) will
Always (D)have and I always (Em) will

Outro.:  |(D) |(Em) |(C) |(Em) |(C) |(Em) |(D) |(Em) |
         |(D) |(Em) |(C) |(Em) |(C) |(Em) |(D) |(Em) --------

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Brandon Rickman
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  1. Brandon Rickman - Always Have, Always Will Chords

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