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What I Miss Most chords - Brent Herb

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                What I Miss Most
Brent R. Herb

G                         D
I’ve been traveling  for awhile now
           A                      D
An endless search still left undone 
D                          A             
I’ve forgot what I was fighting for
G                       A
Don’t know who I’ve become
Bm#            G                 A
Living on the road sure take its toll
G        A       D
But what I miss most….

G                    D            A              D
Is the Friday night football game down at Holly High
D           G                 A               D
Catching a picture show, with my beautiful wife
G                  D             A                  D
And Sunday morning service down off Old Grins Field Rd
G       A       D
Is what I miss most…….
G               D
I’ve been gone now 
     A                D
The better half of a year
G          D
No end in sight for me 
        A             D
But My destinations clear
 Bm#            A                   D
 Living on the road sure takes it toll
G        A        D
But what I miss most

G                 D   A         D
Coming home from work every afternoon
G              D                  A               D
Watching Jr’s  pee-wee games just like my dad use to
G                  D             A                  D
And Sunday morning service down off old grins field rd
G       A       D
Is what I miss most……

Bm#                    G
Now the sands blowing hard 
        A                  D
And the bullets are wizing by
Bm#        G                 A                    D
Thought my wife and kids are running  though my mind
Bm#          G             A                 D
If I make it out of this I know where I will go
G          A        D
It’s where I miss most….
Repeat Chorus 1.. 

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  1. Brent Herb - What I Miss Most Chords

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