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She Can't Save Him chords - Lisa Brokop

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                CAPO 5


        G                   D/F#     
She can hear his car, as it pulls in the drive.
        Em                       Bm
She can whisper a prayer: "Thank God, he's alive."
        C                     Am  
She can meet him at the door; catch him when he falls.
        Em                   F  
She can even believe that it isn't his fault.
But she can't save him

        G                       D/F#
She can make his coffee, in the cold light of day.
        Em                         Bm
She can make his excuses: tell the boss he'll be late.
        C                            Am 
She can wave at the neighbours, then kiss him goodbye,
    Em                        F 
And not say a word 'bout what happened last night.
But she can't save him.


C                              F 
Sometimes she dreams that he's caught in a stream,
And the water keeps pulling him down.
C                          F
She reaches for him, as he pulls her in.
    Bb                    D
She wakes just before she drowns.


G                    D/F#         
She can remember the man that he was,
    Em                    Bm            
And still shed a tear for what he's become.
        C                  Am
She can live in that house until the day,
    Em                     F      
She sees that it's only herself she can save.
                 G         D/F#  Em  Bm   
'Cause she can't save him.
         C                  Am 
And on that day she'll know she hasn't failed,
      Em                      F
'Cos nothing can change until he saves himself.
              G         D/F#  Em  F
No, she can't save him.
              G         D/F#  Em  F( LET RING)
No, she can't save him.
                         G     -FADE
No, she can't save him.  

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