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Shaky Town chords - Jackson Browne

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                SHAKY TOWN  -  Danny Kortchmar

This song emerged on the Jackson Browne album, 'Running on Empty'. 
Danny is a great guitarist and writes good songs, too. I'm surprised 
more country bands haven't taken up this number. The slide solo was 
played by David Lindley so it's fairly inimitable, but any picking 
that follows the verse chords will do. For the intro, stay on
the D shape and pick out the single notes on the G and D strings.
I like to play the D7 with a hammered on F#, i.e. 2X0210. 

(intro) DD DD DD DD C D Em  -  D7 G

G       G7           C
I've witnessed those one night stands
D         D7          C        G
Must have played in a thousand bands
    D                              C    D  Em     G   
But I'm just here tonight tomorrow I'll be gone
      G7              C
Seen folks show their blacker sides
D        D7           C       G
Seen 'em die just for foolish pride
	     D                               C    D   Em    
And those drivers always ask to hear that same old song

(G G7) 
That's a big ten four
By your back door
		    C      G
Just put that hammer down
G7             C                     A
This young man feels, those eighteen wheels
          D                               C  D   Em
That keep turnin round to take me down to Shaky Town

And I've heard all those hard luck tales
From all of you US males
I've heard you tell those lies about the loves you've known
And I've followed your highway signs
And I've run down your thin white lines
Like those drivers this old road is all I call my own

That's a big ten four
By your back door
Just put that hammer down
This young man feels, those eighteen wheels
That keep turnin round to take me down to Shaky Town

solo and repeat chorus plus. . .

G                   C   D Em
All the way down to Shaky Town

C           G
Shaky Town 

Any comments to John Weaver c/o

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