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The Best That I Can (Superhero) chords - Chad Brownlee

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                Intro [D] [A] [C] [G]

Verse 1
[D]   [A]       [C]     [G]
If I was a superhero,
      [D]        [A]                   [C]              [G]           
Baby I would save you from the world outside, the world outside your door.
 [D]            [A]     [C]              [G]               [D]
And I could fly faster than the speed of light to you
 [D]           [A]                      [C]         [G]                    [C]  [G]          
And I could be there when you needed me to hold you through the night

[D]                [A]      [C]          [G]
But I'm just a man in love with a girl
[D]             [A]            [C]                  [G]
No suit of armour, just lay your head down on this heart of mine.
[D]           [A]                   [C]             [G]
I'm just a man that wants to give you the world,
[C]                   [G]
So I'm gonna love you the best that I can.

Verse 2 (Second verse same as first)

I would step, inside your mind to see what's behind those eyes, 
take a look at what you're dreaming of, you're dreaming of, tonight.
And I can see the future girl, its you and me, that's right.
And all the things you've always wished upon, you've wished for all your life.


[D] [A] [C] [G] [A] [D]


The entire outro is [D] [A] [C] [G]

The best that I can.
I'm gonna love you, I'm gonna love you yes I am.
I'm gonna love you, I'm gonna love you the best I can.
I'm just a man, I'm just the man for you.
I'm just the man for you.

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