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Wide Open Spaces chords - Ed Burleson

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Ed Burleson Sheet music
Wide open Spaces 
By, Ed Burleson 
Transcribed by, Tony Williams 
From the CD "My Perfect World" 
Into [A][D][G][A][D] 
Verse 1: 
[D] I dream of wide open spaces. 
[G] Far away places 
Where a [D] man can be a [A7] man. 
I [D] dream of lookin' out my window 
[G] Out where the grass grows  
Where no [D] concrete [A7] spoils the [D] land. 
[D7][G] What are we commin' to? 
[D] What are we gonna do? 
[A7] When all the things that are good are [D] gone. 
[D7] [G] Have we all forgotten the  
[D] Things that make life worth livin'? 
[A7] Like Texas, family and [D] home. 
Verse 2: 
[D] I think of all the times I spent 
[G] Sittin' under an oak tree and 
Smellin' the [D] fresh air lord and feelin' the [A7] breeze. 
I think of [D] all the people livin' 
Always [G] takin' never givin' 
With no [D] care for their [A7] brother man or his [D] needs. 
Repeat chorus 
Verse 3: 
[D] Now the hills hold the highways 
[G] Plains fill the skyways 
Seems [D] everything's been touched by mans [A7] progress. 
Yea, [D] progress is what they call it;  
And that's [G] what it is, I guess. 
But, all and [D] all,  it seems to [A7] me just a big ole [D] mess. 
Repeat chorus 

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