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Lost Highway Saloon chords - Johnny Bush

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                Lost Highway Saloon
By Johnny Bush
rmofle at

F#m     - X44222
Bm/A    - X04432 
D/C#    - X40232
G/F#    - 2X0003

Intro chords:
D  F#m  D  F#m

     D                             F#m 
On a dark, deserted highway in the southwest Texas hills
G                                   A
I grew tired of the journey and the rollin’ of the wheels
     D                                  F#m
So I pulled off to the roadside there beneath the midnight moon
   G                                    A              D 
By flashing neon remnants that read The Lost Highway Saloon
           D                             F#m 
I walked into the rundown ruins time had left around the bend
   G                         A
An old man in a worn out hat smiled and said come in
            D                               F#m 
I dropped a nickel in the jukebox while the old man drew my beer
      G                                    A                  D
And I let the sound of the music drown the road noise from my ears

Chorus 1:
     Bm              F#m          G              D      D/C#
Hank Williams sang a sad one as I sat back down again
       Bm      Bm/A    G     G/F#    Em             A 
Then I heard a host of other ghostly voices joining in
            Bm               F#m         G            D
There’s was Ernest, Webb and Lefty in an old familiar tune
        Bm     Bm/A    G   G/F#       Em       A     D
Playin’ on the haunted jukebox at the Lost Highway Saloon

There were people all around me where there was no one before
And the clicking of their boot heels rambled thru the old dance floor
The room was filled with laughter, Bob Wills fiddle played
Tommy Duncan sang and the Texas Playboys played the night away

Chorus 2:
I listened to the songs I knew and a few I’d never heard
As my heroes sang for me that night, I hung on every word
I could smell the whiskey on Hank’s breath and Patsy Cline’s perfume
All around the haunted jukebox at the Lost Highway Saloon

Then the music softly fade, the laughter slowly died
And the old man tipped his hat to me as I bid him goodnight
He said you’ve come a long way, son, then he called me by my name
And he said you’ve still got a long way to go and no two journey’s ever end the same

Chorus 3:
Many times I’ve rode that highway lookin’ for that place again
But there’s only hills and open fields and soon the highway ends
I guess our time is like that open road and our lives are merely tunes
Playin’ on the haunted jukebox at the Lost Highway Saloon

So if you see that light some lonely night, stop in and hear the tunes
Playin’ on the haunted jukebox at the Lost Highway Saloon


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