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Eileen chords - Butch Hancock

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                C Em Dm F Dm7 G7 C
(C)He spied her (Em)clean 'cross the room
'Bout the (Dm)same time (F)she spied (G)him
They (C)drifted together with(Em)out even watchin'
The (Dm)music was low and the (G)lights were dim
When their (C)eyes met again with a (Em)blush and a grin
They (Dm)asked each other (F)"Well, what (G)if ...?"
And with (C)no rep(Em)lies under (Dm)starry (F)skies
They es(Dm7)caped into the mountains and found a (G7)cave in the cliffs
And then they (Dm)loved there the (F)whole night (G)through

(C)Ei(Em)leen, I (Dm)sure wouldn't (F)mind
Doin' (Dm7)somethin' like (D7)that with (C)you 
C Em Dm F Dm7 G7 C

(C)Little wooden bridge through the (Em)ghost minin' town
It was (Dm)rattlin' in the (F)stormy night (G)wind
His (C)ghost and her spirit they (Em)both drew near it
He was (Dm)lookin' for her an' she was (G)lookin' for him
Moon(C)light on the ridge they (Em)met on the bridge
In a (Dm)teardrop of (F)rain from the (G)storm
As the (C)wind kissed the (Em)river they (Dm)loved and they (F)shivered
Fell (Dm7)asleep there in each others (G7)arms
And every (Dm)dream that they (F)dreamed came (G)true

(C)Ei(Em)leen, I (Dm)sure wouldn't (F)mind
Doin' (Dm7)somethin' like (D7)that with (C)you 
C Em Dm F Dm7 G7 C

A (C)cold winter wind blew (Em)over the island
There was (Dm)moonlight and (F)jazz on the (G)snow
Star (C)light in her hair love (Em)light in her eyes
And some (Dm)slow sad static on an (G)old radio
Just a (C)woman and a man to(Em)gether again
Face to (Dm)face with a (F)place to lie (G)down
And as the (C)wind blew (Em)still a dog (Dm)barked on the (F)hill
(Dm7)Outside of that there was (G7)no other sound
So then they (Dm)loved to their own (F)rhythm and (G)blues

(C)Ei(Em)leen, I (Dm)sure wouldn't (F)mind
Doin' (Dm7)somethin' like (D7)that with (C)you
C Em Dm F Dm7 G7 C

(C)Ei(Em)leen, I (Dm)sure wouldn't (F)mind
Doin' (Dm7)somethin' like (D7)that with (C)you
C Em Dm F Dm7 G7 C

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Butch Hancock
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