Do You Ever Think Of Me chords - Laura Cantrell

Laura Cantrell Lyrics

'Do You Ever Think of Me'  

Written by Dan Prater.

Recorded by Laura Cantrell on the cd 'Not the
Tremblin' Kind' issued by Spit and Polish Records

A           E
Do you ever think of me, 
Do I ever cross your mind,
Do you ever ask yourself, 
What's she doing tonight.

There's this crazy thing in my head, 
I don't know if it's true,
                E              D
Whenever you're thinking 'bout me,
E A I'm thinking 'bout you. Verse two. Do you ever think of me, Just out of the blue, When you're just sitting around, With nothing to do. Chorus Instrumental - follows pattern of verse. Verse three. Do you ever think of me, When you wake in the night, Feeling like you're in a dream, When you open your eyes. Chorus. Instrumental Chorus, with last line repeated. You can occasionally hear tracks from Laura's cd on the Bob Harris' radio programmes on BBC Radio Two.